What Medicines or Injections do I need for Goa

There are no Compulsary Injections or Medicines for Goa however a recommended list is below of which of course always speak to your GP who will offer advice

Malaria Tablets ( there are a lot of Mosqitoes)if you prefer not to take Tablets then a deterent can be used such as a natural Citronella Oil Based Spray or Cream.

A Deet based cream is very good and should be applied at night or if going near stagnant water .

Coverupat night as itisrife with the Mozzis and they will bite you for fun try not to splash on the Perfume as this attracts them, at night put a Plug in your room which will take Tablets this releases an odour and stops them lurking in your room also remember to keep your windows closed and curtains shut tight!!! and always shake your bedsheets prior to climbing into bed be warned!!!!Hep A & B Injections may be offeredTetnous Injection or Booster

Polio taken orally once

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